Monday, August 25, 2014

Blog Hop: On Importance

One rewarding aspect of my burgeoning career as a writer is connecting with kindred souls. The expanding cocktail party of writers in which I’ve had the pleasure to mingle the past several years is an ongoing source of motivation, commiseration and support. And so, when I have a chance to highlight some of these talented folks, I usually jump at it. I’ve been asked to participate in this Blog Hop by the effervescent Katie O’Rourke, who probably is repaying me for roping her into the last one (!), but I’m happy to bring her and her work to your attention again. You can read Katie’s answer to the Blog Hop question here, and find information about her two published novels, Monsoon Season and A Long Thaw, as well as excerpts from her next one, Finding Charlie.
Why are you working on the project you are writing now? Why is it important? (to you, or to the world, or...)
I'm beginning work on a novel, with two great working titles which I won't share with you because of superstition. But it's about, in the main, being a person and what it means to be whole or complete. Of course, this feels like a very momentous undertaking to me (all projects do, at the start!). It's very important to me to work out these thoughts, to explore the characters who have started to crowd and talk over each other in my mind. I'd like to think anything I write might have some relevance to readers, that maybe someone will find a new insight or feel connected, even if for the length of a story. That's important, I think, when it happens.
And now, I'd like to tag two authors you'd be very wise to check out. They'll answer this same question soon. 
Douglas Bornemann is the author of The Demon of Histlewick Downs, a recently-released fantasy novel already garnering great reviews, and currently priced a steal for the ebook. I met Doug and his wife Genelle at a conference and they are brilliant and talented, so I'm looking forward to diving into his book, which looks top-notch on my Kindle! Doug also blogs here, where you'll find his upcoming post.
Patricia Morris is a writer I met through years ago. Her novel, Going Out in Style, was one of the more inventive, quirky and touching things I read, and the story has stayed with me all these years. I follow her blog, where she always has something illuminating and interesting to say. You should follow her too.


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