Friday, August 4, 2017

Poem for the Weekend: James Baldwin

This week marked what would have been the 93rd birthday of the poet, novelist, essayist and social critic James Baldwin. Extensive biographical information here, including some wonderful videos about his life and times. And here you can read some of his memorable quotes.

 by James Baldwin
              when you send the rain
              think about it, please,
              a little?
              not get carried away
              by the sound of falling water,
             the marvelous light
                on the falling water.
              am beneath that water.
              It falls with great force
              and the light
              me to the light.


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"As soon as we express something, we devalue it strangely. We believe ourselves to have dived down into the depths of the abyss, and when we once again reach the surface, the drops of water on our pale fingertips no longer resemble the ocean from which they came...Nevertheless, the treasure shimmers in the darkness unchanged." ---Franz Kafka