Friday, February 22, 2013

Geneva White reviews The Qualities of Wood

The Qualities of Wood is a about a young couple who moves out into the country. Nowell (the husband's name) is writing his second book after the first one got published. Vivian (the wife’s name) is cleaning out the house that belonged to Nowell’s late grandma. I like how the book describes how Vivian and Nowell change over time and that they become a closer family. The book also describes the way Nowell and Vivian bond. Nowell’s brother and his wife move in with Nowell and Vivian. Vivian thought for sure they were going to sell the house but as the story goes on she has second thoughts about selling the house. I thought The Qualities of Wood was very suspenseful because of the mystery of the girl who died, and I found it hard to put down the book. I would recommend this book to everyone that likes a good book! My mom rocks. You can read more about it at this website.

Geneva White is a ten-and-a-half years old and a fifth-grader. She enjoys dancing, singing, playing piano, hanging out with friends and of course, reading. She also likes earmuffs.
**Geneva received a complimentary copy of the novel for these purposes, but no payment. It should be noted, however, that the author and her spouse foot the bill for all of Geneva's living expenses.**


  1. I echo the review above. I have read your book and thought it was a wonderful piece of story telling. Your book was featured on Caroline Smailes blog, which is where I heard about your book and won a copy.

  2. Thank you, Debbie, so kind of you to say so. And I'll have to thank Ms. Smailes for spreading the word!


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