Friday, April 15, 2011

Reading: Better Than Sex!

From the Dutch Daily News today:

"Dutch people rather read a book in bed than have sex, researchers say.  22% would rather read a good book and only 11% prefer sex.

Sleeping is still the most favorite activity in bed with 63%, according to a recent study among 1238 Dutch people.  The bed is the favorite place for reading a book for 44%.  The couch comes in second place with 41%.  Also reading on the toilet, bath, beach and public transport are preferred, but these places are with 2.5% considerably less popular.

The book wins as favorite reading material (68%).  29% of respondents prefer to read a magazine.  20% prefer the newspaper, 14% prefer to dive in the advertising leaflets and 2% indicate that they prefer something else to read.

When asked what the most special place was where people had ever read, there were extraordinary answers. There are people who read on the back of a camel, during working hours or even in the shower."

I don't know any Dutch people, but they seem very practical to me, with sleeping being their preferred in-bed activity and bed being the favorite place to read.  Where else do you have pillows, at the ready, for propping?  So...what the most "special" place you've ever read?  Can anyone top "on the back of a camel?"


  1. What a hilarious post! One of my favourite places to read is probably lazing on a lilo in the swimming pool; in a hot bath in the winter; on the beach in the summer; in the car on a long journey. Nope... can't beat the back of a camel. That's just bizarre!
    Thanks for commenting on my cover over at my blog, by the way. I really appreciate it!

  2. Interestingly there is no mention here of e-readers, I wonder if the survey was conducted before they became popular - hmmmmm are they popular in Holland?

  3. Ha ha... I agree, reading is better than sex, lol... I'm not sure that I've ever read anywhere "special" though. I have to refrain myself from breaking out the e-reader during family get-togethers though...

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